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Tower Crane

gru a torre

With regard to a well-defined category of construction cranes, ie medium-sized cranes for residential family building you can solve everything by using our pads. Speed ​​up all the assembly and disassembly, and once the site has finished our pads are ready to be used in a new place of work.

It is possible to use medium ans small models from 500 mm. of side up to 800 mm. to position tower crane in site where it has opted for a concrete bed; or models from 1000 mm. of side up to 1200 mm. to stabilize a tower crane where there are not concrete beds.

It is always essential to check and verify the load capacity of land and / or other surfaces on which we will position our cranes. We recommend that you bring stabilized material and compact it before placing our pads and then the crane.

In view of the variables in determining the appropriate pads, please contact us for advice.