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piattaforma aerea

The head-platforms are generally machines not too heavy, but they need a very stability especially when the basket is working at great heights.
An appropriate enlargement of the surface of the foot stabilizer is necessary to work safely.For most popular head-platforms there are two types of machines, those with vertical movement of the foot stabilizer and those with the longitudinal movement of the foot.We have also a longitudinal movement of the foot stabilizer to stabilize the machine before picking up the basket.

For these types, we studied rectangular pads to follow the foot stabilizer during its run.

See below for a table to identify the most suitable pads given theheightsto whichyou are working:

Dimensions mm.         Load capacity TON.      Working heights

400X400X40                  10 TON.                       15/20 mt.
 650X450X30                  15 TON.                       15/20 mt.
 500X500X40                  15 TON.                       20/25 mt.
 500X500X60                  20 TON.                       25/30 mt.
 600X600X40                  20 TON.                       25/30 mt.
                                                       600X600X60                  25 TON.                      Up to 45 mt.

For other types of machinery and heights, please contact us.